Read together


A short animated video for a bookstore chain Panta Rhei. The original task was to simply animate the logo, which has the shape of an infinity sign. We tried to take this task and push it a little bit further taking into account the idea behind which was “Let’s read together” and which the client wanted to get to the video. 


We suggested to create 3 different situations in which people are usually reading together. Then we took them and transformed them to our 2D hand-drawn animation. To achieve simplicity and formal purity the situations were put into a smaller space in the middle of the screen where all the attention of the viewer goes. Our task in the end was to create the complex solution – starting with the script, going through the visual concept, ending with the animation.


Idea and art direction: Peter Budinsky

Assets and animation: Kamila Kucikova

Client: Panta Rhei

Agency: Men In Tie