Fairy selection


We created a short animation for a TV commercial “Fairy selection”, in which two small boys dream about unbelievable world full of huge fruit, vegetables and cakes to jump on. In the beginning, we meet the boys in the real world and from there we smoothly go to the fantastic animated world.


The animated part is more or less one third of the whole spot. It’s created as a 2D cut-out animation. Since this belongs to the series of 3 videos, the visual concept was created together with the director so that it fits into the concept of the whole series. It’s based on the child’s drawing because the transition from the real world is made through one of the main characters sketchbook. The visual concept of the boys is based on the actors and the animated world is surreal and based on abstract elements.


Visual concept and assets: Peter Budinsky

Animation: Lukas Figel

Agency: Respect APP

Director: Dano Dekan