Virtual patient


Animated video from the medical environment with the obstetrics theme. It’s a colaboration with Mgr.Bc. Eva Urabanova, PhD. from the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin. It’s part of the educational system, that the faculty uses for teaching of the future doctors. The video shows a situtation from the maternity hospital when a pregnant patient gets an eclamptic seizure. The birth attendant has to decide what to do in a specific situtations and the students are supposed to judge if the chosen procedure was right or wrong. 


During the production of this animated project, the client gave us quite a big freedom in the visual concept creation. The most important thing was to work with the real processes and the right image of the medical instruments. But their visual handling was not limited by the client. The video is based on the comic books principles and art design, the animation is simple and minimalistic. As the aim of the project was to create the video without a voiceover, all the talking between the patient and the birth attendants is done using the comic book bubbles. 


Script: Mgr. Bc. Eva Urbanova, PhD., Barbora Budinska, Peter Budinsky

Visual concept, layouts and animation: Kamila Kucikova