Let’s take the train


We created a time-lapse animated video for ZSSK Slovak rail based on the real schedule of train operation in Slovak republic. The animation shows 24 hours of train movement squeezed into 1 minute showing all the trains that are driving at a precise hour.


We created the visual concept of the video, 3D map of Slovak republic with most of the railways preserving their realistic position and path. Part of the job here was also to prepare “the script” – in this case it meant to translate the real time schedule of the trains into our squeezed timeline to be able to keep the video as realistic as possible. Considering the technology, it is a combination of 3D and 2D animation. 3D animation creates the base while 2D helps us with adding some additional information. 


Visual concept: Peter Budinsky, Matej Zaris

3D assets and animation: Matej Zaris

2D assets and animation: Peter Budinsky

Client: Zeleznicna spolocnost Slovensko