2D animated video for the client 365.bank is explaining the setting up of the bank account step by step and it’s showing the whole process in detail. While the bank account can be set up only via mobile app, the aim of this video is to help the clients to better understand what will be neccessary in the process and to ensure that everything goes smoothly.


Animated video is made directly with the assets from the mobile application of the bank, so the whole visual concept works with the visual of the app and also with the communication of the bank globally. It is a great example of a simple explainer video, which in some cases can really simply and clearly inform the clients about a product or a process. One of the requests of our client was to create the video with no voiceover, so all the necessary information are passed to the viewer either by the application environment itself or by significant subtitles right in the video.


Animation assets: Peter Budinsky

Animation: David Sury, Peter Budinsky