Vision 2030


“Vision 2030” is an animated online video that we created for our client ZSSK. The aim of this video is to show a vision of the future and changes, that could contribute to sustainable mobility, to increasing of the life quality,   to the higher security, to the better traffic flow and more ecological transport. It was important to show the way how to achieve this vision during the following years.
For this project, we created a complex solution starting with the script made together with the client, going through the visual concept and art direction to the final production. It is a combination of 3D animation and 2D infographics. The video is situated into two different worlds – first, realistic shows a train driving through Slovak nature and cities. The other is technical and monochromatic and takes the viewer into the future full of innovations. 


Client: Zeleznicna spolocnost Slovensko

Script: Peter Budinsky, Barbora Budinska

Visual concept: Peter Budinsky, Matej Zaris

3D assets and animation: Matej Zaris

2D assets and animation: Lukas Figel, Peter Budinsky