little gingerbread

little gingerbread


Since 2021, we’ve been teaming up with Hitchhiker Films and director Dan Dekan on a series of animated videos about a little Gingerbread boy and his Christmas adventures. The main protagonists are members of the Gingerbread family, who, along with forest animals, find themselves in challenging situations every Christmas. But with the support of friends and family, they always manage to overcome these hurdles. This video series is part of Kaufland’s Christmas activities for children.


The animated videos about the Gingerbread family use 2D cut-out animation. The artistic concept and layouts were created digitally, but some details contribute to the impression of hand-drawn illustrations. Since these videos are primarily aimed at young children, the animation is stylized and simplified, and the animal movements mimic human actions. Currently, the series includes three animated videos.


production company: hitchhiker films

client: kaufland slovakia

directed by: dano dekan

art design: edit sliacka

animation: klara homzova